About Us

Family Owed Business

In 2020, the Heersink family, of the San Luis Valley, purchased part of the old Firehouse building.  The building has been many things during it's long history.  Derek Heersink and business partner, Mark Martinez, converted the downstairs into Spare Keg Brewerks, where you can stop in and have a fantastic Farm-to-Tap beer and relax after a long day of outdoor activity and meet some great people. Spare Keg's original location and brewery is in downtown Alamosa, CO.  

The second story has been the Aspen Inn for several years.  Mother, Bunny, and daughter, Chelsea, brought new life into the boutique Inn by creating a new feel with mountain modern décor and detailing each room after one of Colorado's colorful seasons.  Chelsea has many years of experience working in the hospitality industry and enjoys creating an unforgettable experience for every guest that enters the inn.  Their focus is on the small details that truly make the difference.  Chelsea and father, Ken, spent a spring season renovating one of the rooms to bring hardwood floors throughout the inn.  Ken also enjoys bar tending at Spare Keg a few days a week during the summer season.  

When Chelsea moved to Montana, the Aspen Inn's management was entrusted to very capable hands of Rhonda Davis.  The same level of dedication and love is put into every guests stay. 

As a family, they enjoy being a part of Creede's community and growing tourism.  They hope to continue to expand as time goes on.  
"We hope that you will stop in for a beer and stay at the Aspen Inn during your time in Creede.  We look forward to hosting you."