Wow. What an incredible trail.  I cannot say enough about Deep Creek Trail 806.  I have traveled this trail many times now, at all stages of life.  Early spring, the mountains are alive, cliff faces, rock slide areas, and the beautiful creek that winds beside the trail the entire way.  It is truly magical to watch the willows and flowers blossom to life, the colors forever changing.  The faint green emitting a breathtaking glow.

Early summer comes a long in waves of beauty and heavenly scents.  There are flowers on this trail that I have never seen before.  The allusive ‘Fairy Slipper’ was with out a doubt my favorite find.  The flower is rare and rumored to be near extinction.  The wild roses are pungent and create a pleasant walk.

This trail is great for families, day hikes, and longer backpacking treks.  We personally do this hike every night after work just to relax and rejuvenate.  The first bridge is about 2 miles in.  Very pretty section.  The second bridge is roughly a mile more.  The section between the 2 bridges is our favorite.  It is a wetter area and the plants really seem to thrive.  This is where we found the ‘Fairy Slipper’.

Our longest excursion on Deep Creek was from Lime Creek Rd down to the Creede trailhead, which was a 9-mile trek, all downhill.  This was a very fun day, took roughly 4-5 hours as we took pictures and had lunch.  We were definitely taking our time.  We left a vehicle at the Creede trailhead and had someone drop us off at the top.  If you’re interested in doing this, please reach out!

At the beginning of the trail