Square Peg Brewerks is a small brewery based in Alamosa Colorado.  Everything in their brewery is based on Farm to Tap.  From growing barely to roasting malt to making beer, they are commited every step of the way.  Last summer (2020) they expanded their operation and opened a new Tasting Room in Creede.  We have been lucky enough to partner with them.  During the months that they are open, guests will recieve beer tokens to visit Square Peg and get a beer on US.  

Square Peg offers a wide variety of beers.  They now offer 6 packs to take out on your adventures.  The Tap Room will be open daily mid May through mid November.  We hope to see you there!

Wow. What an incredible trail. I cannot say enough about Deep Creek Trail 806. I have traveled this trail many times now, at all stages of life. Early spring, the mountains are alive, cliff faces, rock slide areas, and the beautiful creek that winds beside the trail the entire way. It is truly magical to watch the willows and flowers blossom to life, the colors forever changing. The faint green emitting a breathtaking glow.

Early summer comes a long in waves of beauty and heavenly scents of flowers.  The allusive ‘Fairy Slipper’ was without a doubt our favorite find. The flower is rare and rumored to be near extinction. The pungent wild roses are scattered across the forest creating a sweet smell.  

In the Fall, you will find yourself fighting birds and bears for the raspberries between the first and second bridge.  The wild geraniums rusty red carptet the forest floor.  

This trail is great for families, day hikes, and longer backpacking treks. The first bridge is about 2 miles in. Very pretty section following the creek. The second bridge is roughly a mile more. The section between the 2 bridges is our favorite. It is a wetter area and the plants really seem to thrive. This is where we found the ‘Fairy Slipper’. This trail takes you up to the Continental Divide Trail. From that point you can go almost anywhere!

Many people will get dropped off at the top of Lime Creek Trail and bike or hike down. This is a great way to explore the Creede section of Deep Creek Trail.  

Every year, the Creede Reperatory Theatre puts on fantastic plays.  We are lucky enough to be situated adjacent from the Theatre.  Grab a beer at the Square Peg Brewerks below the Aspen Inn, enjoy a show, and stay with US.  We would love to host you!

Step back in time and visit these incredible structures.  It truly is amazing what men accomplished in the 1890s.  These structures still stand today as a testament of the hard work of those who founded the town of Creede.  If you stay with us, peruse the books in the rooms that will give you more information of the start of Creede and the other little towns that existed during the silver mining boom days.  Bachelor's loop is for the history and sight-seer and everyone in between.  The road is step in places and a 4x4 vehicle is recommended.  If you do not have a 4WD car, you can do the loop backwards and will make it perfectly fine as the steep parts will be downhill.  To access in reverse, follow signs for cemetary, but continue on the dirt road instead of turning towards the cemetary.